How Digital marketing will transform real estate industry in 2019

#1. How Digital marketing will transform real estate industry in 2019

As it's digital era, all sorts of businesses are opting for online marketing via various social media platforms and SEO. It has become an easier way to reach out to the customers and sell their products. The real estate industry to is now finding ways to make their presence on digital platforms and make benefit from them. When combined with a creative content and a strong social media strategy the digital marketing techniques can do wonders for real estate companies. As this business involves the customers to invest a huge amount of money, the various digital platforms can make it simple for them to do research before purchasing the property.

Brand Awareness :- In order to increase reachability, having a website and creating pages on social media is not enough. It's important for a real estate company to make their presence felt by the customers. The websites and social media pages needs to have creative content and an appealing GUI which is unique from others. Building a brand value requires an effective implementation of digital marketing. Many companies are also moving towards creating ‘apps’ where the customers can view and choose the properties easily. The most important point here is to make the website, social media page and channels user-friendly and eye-catchy.

Customer Attention And Lead Generation :- Grabbing customer's attention and generating leads is another means to make benefit from digital marketing which is way more easier than the traditional marketing methods. To gain more customers the real estate companies can rely on various tools offered by YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp for business. Right usage of keywords using Google AdWords will help brands to reach out to their customers more effectively. Giving customers a virtual description of the area, the property’s after and before construction images and videos is used by real estate companies. Customers can virtually feel how it’s going to be like, living in that particular area or house.

Performance Analysis :- Knowing how your product is doing in the market becomes very crucial in traditional marketing. Whereas with digital marketing, the real estate companies can also check their performance by using performance analysis tools. It becomes an easy way to know where the company's social media presence is lagging behind and where they can make improvements in their digital marketing strategies. Facebook’s performance analytics tool ‘Insights’, allows to measure the performance of your page by which a company can easily get to know what kind of content is working for them.

Micro And Global Targeting:- The small or regional realtors can also make more benefit from digital marketing. They can reach out to their target group through micro-targeting. Focusing on a niche crowd, including geographical and demographic information in Social media advertisements can actually become very helpful for both the realtors and customers. Using some creative ideas and posting 360degree videos and clips gives a clear view of the property which is another trend that's getting hype. For the expansion of the brand in different areas, digital marketing acts as a platform to promote the brand globally. This can also lead to Business tie-ups between the companies functioning in different cities.

Customer Engagement :- Digital marketing that involves customer engagement, becomes one of the most interesting part for the customers. It gives an opportunity to the realtors to build relationship with their customers and foster loyalty. Chatbots, Interactive ads, E-mail marketing are few of the customer engagement techniques. Advertisements that include voting on social media, which leads the customers to visit a company's website or watch a video on any social media platform, makes the customers feel involved. It also makes the real estate company know the needs and views of the Target Audience.

Digital Marketing Via Influencers :- Blogging and marketing via a celebrity or an influencer is trending these days. Choosing the right blogger for a real estate company might be highly beneficial for the brand. If the company knows and understands their Target Audience well, then promoting their product by an influencer makes the customers to trust their product even more. This marketing technique will be able to make the company to become visible to a mass audience in one go.

Conclusion :- Digital Marketing surely can help a real estate company to gain customers and increase their sales. iGTV videos, Memes, usage of infographics, e-books, how-to blogs and podcasts are some of the other ways to make a strong internet presence. It’s important to have an appropriate digital marketing strategy which involves an exceptionally great creative content. As everything is visible on digital platforms, the realtors can also keep a check on what their competitors are doing and what’s their social media strategy. This makes the digital market more competitive in nature and there are more chances for realtors to make improvements in their strategies.

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